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We started our adventure on Dec the 20th 2012 with no certainty of what tomorrow will be. Going against rules and limits is what make us feeling alive.

This is the spirit of BRAND WHO.
A project and a journey about clothes and values.

Independent, cool and a step ahead from the crowd, respecting everyone but proceeding on his own direction. Challenging copyrights and mysterious symbols are our way to communicate. Printed graphics is the way to say to the world who BRAND WHO is. Focusing on the time we’re living, we pay attention to every single moment and detail translating our ideas into what we wear every day.

Casual but never expected our garments are brought to life by unique Treatments and since we know how important is our world, we care to work exclusively with ecofriendly structures to avoid any kind of pollution. BRAND WHO combines product experience and a strong personality to create a perfect wardrobe for every moment of the day Easy, colored and ironic for the daytime. Mysterious, dark and exclusive for the nightlife. Take a ride with us.

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